Unlimited WOD Classes
12 Months - $150
6 Months - $160
3 Months - $175
1 Month - $205

3 WOD Classes per Week
12 Months - $110
6 Months - $120
3 Months - $135
1 Month - $150

Olympic Classes
12 Months - $110
6 Months - $120
3 Months - $135
1 Month - $150

10 Class Punch Card
3 Months - $160

20 Class Punch Card
3 Months - $240

9 OnRamp Classes
3 Weeks - $200

Personal Training
Members (in-house) - $40/hr
Members (outside) - $50/hr
Non-Members - $60/hr

Dietary Consulting - $50/hr

All new members are required to complete the introductory OnRamp program or display competence in the core CrossFit and Olympic lifting movements by completing the testing-out process with one of the Cleveland Strength and Conditioning coaches. Learn more about the OnRamp program. Make-ups for missed OnRamp classes are to be scheduled with coaches in a 1on1 format. The entire 3 week program is also offered 1on1 to accomodate scheduling. For questions or to schedule testing out, contact us at

Punch cards for ten and twenty visits are offered for those with sporadic class attendance that do not want to waste money on regular memberships or drop-in fees. Both cards have three-month expirations.

Multiple month commitments are paid each month at the given rate. A credit card or bank account must be on file for automatic charges or withdrawals during the timeframe of the membership plan. All major credit cards are accepted.

WOD Classes are our standard CrossFit classes offered throughout the day. Learn more about them HERE. Unlimited memberships include as many classes per week as desired, while three day per week memberships include attendance to only three.

The Olympic lifting program classes are offered four days a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the evenings, and Saturday morning. Programming can also be performed as needed throughout the week. The program follows a three-phase program that is explained HERE.

Any members of the community who are interested in trying the gym are welcome to attend a class for free. Please contact the gym to schedule your class. Saturdays at 11:00am are free to anyone who attends with a member.