Jim Irwin

"Amazing trainers and world class programming. Especially great if you are new to Crossfit. Very welcoming instructors and members."

Lauren Hmiel

"Love Adam and the programming. a great place to get better and have fun competing :)"

Ty Dahodwala

"Great technical coaching in a welcoming environment."

Jim Bollenbacher

"5-star coaching, 5-star facility and 5-star atmosphere. Whether it 's your first day or your one hundred and first day you will receive quality coaching and a challenging work out."

Rodrigo Glessiias

"fckn badass"

Puneet S. Garcha

"I started CrossFit almost a year ago. From being a couch potato to working out 3-4 times per week, it 's been a big change. It has made a positive difference in my lifestyle, eat healthy, work out regularly. No work out is easy, everyday you leave with your butt being kicked and realizing how much more there is to achieve. The facility is excellent, coaches are well versed in CrossFit. The emphasis is on ensuring you do it right.

I endorse CSC without any reservations."

Brian Rockwell

"Awesome space, top notch coaches, challenging programming but all in a fun and encouraging environment, the best in town."

Anthony Vlastaris M.D., F.A.C.C.

"As a cardiologist caring for patients in the Cleveland area for over 20 years, I am thrilled with the impressive improvement in cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar reduction that can be achieved through the program that Adam Daugherty, owner Cross Fit Sixth City /Cleveland Strength and Conditioning provides. I have worked with a mutual client Linda, and have seen her and others like her achieve over a 20% reduction in bad cholesterol and a 20% improvement in good cholesterol in addition to weight reduction Recommendations in just 6 months time. This type of program significantly reduces risk for heart attack and stroke.

I commend you as well as your staff on the heart healthy services you provide. Diet, exercise and life style changes supported by you and your staff are making a difference."

Linda Glynias

"Adam, Jeff and Katie have taken their knowledge, enthusiasm, and motivational sense to create such a high energy, challenging and fun Cross Fit environment, that once you visit, you will want to STAy !!!! Certainly the BESt place of all the gyms I have visited! They have found a way to personalize a group class, track your progress and help you reach your goals. You will love it!"

HilonI Bhavsar

"I had heard of CrossFit and knew some people that did it. I wasn 't sure what to expect when I walked in to the OnRamp program but was pleasantly surprised. The trainers were great, it was nice to be in a small group, to learn techniques and movements to increase strength, flexibility and power. I definitely learned how to pay attention when working out to make sure that the weights and movements for the exercises were applied and done correctly. Having support from the trainers to fine tune your technique was amazing and you learn where your limits are and as you get stronger you see them being pushed further and further in a good way ! OnRamp was a lot of fun, it 's a commitment to yourself - it 's a great way to come in and do a work out that 's well defined for you and then move into the regular work-­‐outs of the day. Just have to start!"

LorI Scott

"OnRamp for me was similar to getting on the freeway, except in this case, the speed I was building was to get acclimated and on pace with the flow of the workout facility it 's members and proper technique for the core exercise techniques. I 've since merged into the traffic and am approaching my destination.

When I find out I can 't do something, it makes me work at it that much harder. OnRamp was one of those things that reminded me of this lesson. It kicked me in the rear most days but I definitely came back; because I liked the fight. In the end, it was what made me join. I knew I was strong and somewhat in shape before OnRamp, but after I realized what I could push my body to do, I no longer wanted to settle for strong, I want to be stronger!

OnRamp pushed me to try new things in my workout & introduced me to a new group of people who I could see were hungry to move their fitness to the next level. Now that I 'm a member of Cleveland Strength & Conditioning, it 's the rush of accomplishing something I didn 't know I was capable of that keeps me coming back. That and the fact that the trainers want you to win your race."